About Me

I’m April Richardson Boyd, the creative force serving as “The Bridge” for women to heal, come together, and embrace their many walks of life while doing so. My mission is to teach women how we can effectively communicate, empower, and operate in excellence together in all areas of our lives. My passion for women operating in excellence sparked my fuel in being Founder of The CEO Circle, ABS (April Boyd Solutions) and Chief Encouragement Officer of CEO Sparkling Accessories. I live for encouraging everyone to go and be great BUT sparkle while doing it!

My greatest and most treasured role is being a wife to my husband Chris Boyd, who’s a tenacious visionary in his own right. Together we have two handsome boys, Cristian and Josh, affectionately known as “The Boyd Boys.” We love spending quality time together as a family as we embrace our new home in Prattville, Alabama with a special thank you to our home town of Boydton, Va. You’ll easily find us entertaining our friends on game nights or time spent doing community service, as well as praising and worshipping God corporately. 

I’ve been the “leave sparkle wherever I go” girl for as long as I can remember! I can see all my family, school friends, and colleagues nodding their heads in unison like “yes that’s her!” I believe in having faith the size of a mustard seed when you don’t have it! I’m going to cheer you on and walk alongside you! There’s much in store for 2019 as it tip toes up on us. No matter where you are in life, come join a community of women who have a brick with your name on it, to continue building this bridge across the world, brick by brick! Keep your eyes and ears open because I’m stepping into a city near you! I’m answering this calling, so come walk this journey with me.

“Go Be Great...and Sparkle while you’re doing it!!!”


April 🌻🐝