You guys know I’m  all about a movement!!! My ability to serve stands firm as a foundation of love for thy neighbor as I continue to spearhead monumental community events.  There’s so much we can do to help each other, and I’m determined to do my share! These moments give me the greatest joy and trust I’ve taken enough pictures to share with you and your whole family!!! Lol! 

Through a difficult challenge I was facing in March of 2018, came forth April’s Aspirations.

 I felt it in my heart and spirit to use Facebook live to connect with my audience and remain transparent while working through this obstacle. I quickly recognized God was using me to motivate my listeners and they in turn were helping me push through this issue. It became clear to me that God gives us all the same amount of time in a day, however what we do with our day is our gift back to Him! 

By becoming part of the Wake.Pray.Plan movement, we’re committed to not wasting anymore time avoiding the plan God has for each one of us! Yes that includes you! We’ll journal, heal, listen, and follow action plans to keep us taking more steps closer to what’s in store for us. This is your journey, not a race! 

Let’s build your foundation and do the work necessary for you to be great! 

This is the best life, let’s live it and Sparkle while doing it✨✨✨